Hints and Recommendations

Hints and Recommendations

Protect your belongings while they’re in storage!

Allow for air circulation. Stack on pallets for best air flow and to prevent condensation which could cause mold. Storms and other occurrences may lead to water entering so we recommend lifting items off the ground with pallets or shelving.

Check your unit regularly.  Leave a center aisle clear for air flow and your own convenience.

Cover furniture and mattresses with drop cloths.  Dust and snow infiltration is possible with strong winds.

Storage units are not critter proof.  You may use mouse poison or traps in your unit.  Do not store any food items, seasonal decorations or games that have corn, rice or bean-filled bags!  These items will attract mice.

Lock your unit with a good quality lock.  We recommend and sell Chateau disc locks.

Snow Removal – Delavan U Store It will attempt to have traffic lanes clear within 24 hours of a snow fall.  Snow at the unit doors will not be moved and is the occupant’s responsibility.  If you need access to your unit during the winter months, it is advisable to open your unit weekly to prevent frozen and stuck doors.  Damage to doors while attempting to remove ice and snow is the occupant’s responsibility.